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Piero Mengozzi was born on October 16th, 1964 in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance cultural movement. Without any academic training, he embarked in his creative pursuit with great passion and commitment first as a painter in 1995 and subsequently in 1997, having discovered he could express himself better through sculpture, he started mastering the scalpel that he used on the prized stone at his disposal in his native Tuscany: Carrara marble, travertine, onyx and recently granite.

His first sculptures, on display during the “Festa del Perdono” in the summer of 1998, in Montegonzi, a small hill town in Chianti where the artist has lived since 1994, were well received. Enzo Brogi, mayor of Cavriglia and alderman for “Art and Culture” at the time, invited him to exhibit his work at the Municipal Theatre in February 1999, where they remained until 2001.

In the year 2000, for the “Festa della Toscana” on November 30th, one of his most important works "Pietra di Luce” - translates as “Stone of Light" and seen on the Home page with the artist - was officially unveiled and placed in front of the town hall in Cavriglia. Here is how Enzo Brogi expressed his appreciation of Mengozzi in an introduction he made at the vernissage of the artist’s first personal showing:

"I was immediately attracted to the work of Piero Mengozzi. Of him I love the poetic sense, subtle but at the same time powerfully expressed in his artistry. Intense suffering and longed-for tender desires of love are interwoven together with the warmth of motherhood, the strength of a kneeling man carrying the Great Weight, and the never-ending hunger for passion. All are reflected in the sinuous harmonies of lovingly polished marble or finely carved stone. It is very clear to me that in the art of Mengozzi you can feel the yearning for a freedom of the mind that he has found in the stillness of the countryside, as well as a sense of peacefulness that the gentle Chianti hills surrounding Montegonzi have given him. I hope that Piero’s fertile and genuine inspiration will be able to give us even more renewed emotions."

May 6th 2001 saw the presentation of his first personal showing in an art gallery specialising in Contemporary art, “Studio Art Il Graffiacielo", in San Giovanni Valdarno (Ar). Sponsored by the municipality of Cavriglia, the exhibit "Soul and Matter" offered contemporary art lovers a suggestive collection of fifteen works. The theme of the event was the artist’s interpretation of the most common concerns to all of us: the “pains of living” for Man, love, and family.

May 2002 will see him participate in a group showing of several Valdarno’s artists during the Spring Festival in Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni (Ar). In July 2003, Mengozzi was invited to join a collective of artists from the medieval village "Il Borro", owned by well-known Italian fashion designer Ferragamo, for a special “Art Weekend” organised to celebrate the "Green Harvest", an early picking grape harvesting technique practiced by the “Il Borro” vineyard. In 2004 and in 2007, the artist was invited to participate in a collective showing of Valdarno painters and sculptors organised for the celebrations of the “Festa del Perdono” which are usually scheduled in the month of August.

Late May 2007, for the VIIth Edition of the "Remo Gardeschi Painting and Sculpture Award”, held at the Municipal Auditorium in Montevarchi (Ar), he exhibited the work “Nuova Babele” as his entry in the collective showing of the 37 artists chosen for the competition. The sculpture had distinguished itself for the purity of its lines and exceptional technical skills demonstrated by the artist.

The most recent exhibition activity was his participation in the IIIe Edition of the "Arcadia" Contemporary Art Exhibit held between December 8th and January 6th, 2008 in the Counsel House of Terranuova Bracciolini (Ar). Supported by the Municipality, the Cultural Association “Le Fornaci”, the Province of Arezzo and the Tuscany Regional Counsel, the event organised by the Cultural Association “ImmaginArte” proposed for the occasion the topic of "Art as Civil Commitment" and brought together the paintings and sculptures of 36 artists from all over Tuscany who are representative of the latest trends in the Italian contemporary art scene.

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