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Links: our standings

If you want to suggest complementary links please
write to info@pieromengozzi.com

1st place: www.montegonzi.it
Site of the Montegonzi hamlet

2nd place: www.cavrigliapiace.it
Site of the town of Cavriglia, at the door of the Chianti area

3rd place: www.turismo.toscana.it
Site of the Tuscany regional tourism office

Sites of the "Golden Triangle"
Arezzo : www.apt.arezzo.it
Florence : www.firenzeturismo.it
Siena : www.terresiena.it

And for those who crave for more, the Italian tourism website: www.enit.it

And to improve your communication skills in English or French, let me suggest my wife's blog: www.luciemariedorion.com

Mother Nature vibrant with colours… it’s harvest time in Montegonzi